Transportation app Gaiyo now also available for business use

Gaiyo Business

Do you have a business and are you looking for a transportation app that fills in all access to shared transportation, parking and public transportation and takes care of the administration right away? Then we have good news for you. Gaiyo, the fastest growing transport app in the Netherlands, has introduced a new service: Gaiyo Business. Super handy for companies and their employees, and of course also for freelancers.

With Gaiyo Business you travel easily and quickly with any form of transport and you have all your business travel and parking expenses immediately in order. Every month you will receive a clear invoice from Gaiyo, showing all the business travel and parking transactions you have carried out using the app. Moreover, thanks to your Gaiyo Business account, you can make substantial savings on your business travel and parking expenses: up to 17 percent!

How does it work?

Gaiyo Business is your favorite transportation app Gaiyo, supplemented by the ability to pay for business trips on account. So you use Gaiyo as you normally do, to plan, book and pay for your trips and to perform parking transactions on the street and in Parkbee garages. For each transaction, you can instantly distinguish between business and private in the app. You pay all your business Gaiyo transactions at once in arrears based on this collective invoice. Your private travel transactions, as usual, are paid directly from your wallet.

Pay by invoice

All transactions you perform with the app are neatly administered for you by Gaiyo. At the end of each month, your company receives a collective invoice for all business transactions, including a usage and CO2 report. You can then use this invoice for your own bookkeeping, for example to reclaim VAT.

Subscription or pay per transaction

Gaiyo Business comes in two variants: basic and standard. If you choose the first variant, you pay €0.25 (or €0.50, if it’s a shared car) per transaction. With the second variant, you pay a fixed amount of €2.49 per month for an unlimited number of transactions. The latter variant is therefore more advantageous if you perform ten or more travel transactions per month using the app. By the way, parking transactions are also included in this.

About the Gaiyo app

Gaiyo is a super convenient transportation app, with the most integrated shared transport providers in all of the Netherlands. You can use Gaiyo anywhere to plan, book and pay for your journeys by train, public transport, shared cars from Amber and MyWheels, shared scooters and bikes from Donkey Republic, TIER, Go Sharing, HTM Fiets and Urbee and cargo bikes from Cargoroo, among others. Based on your current location, Gaiyo always shows you all the transport options in your area, which you can then book and pay for immediately. Parking is also inexpensive with Gaiyo: on the street and in the ParkBee parking lots. Unlike other parking apps, with Gaiyo you do not pay any transaction fees for private street parking.

Using Gaiyo Business

Would you also like to start using Gaiyo Business? Then register for Gaiyo Business directly via this page. Once you have filled in all the details, you and/or your employees can get started almost immediately.