At Gaiyo, we believe that good staff is the centerpiece of a strong organization. Recruiting but, more importantly, retaining employees is more important today than ever. A flexible mobility policy is all about your employees.

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Mobility as a condition of employment

At Gaiyo, we strive to give employees the freedom to decide how they want to arrange their daily travel, with consideration for the environment, their health and their wallet. We understand that the need for a leased car is not the same for everyone. That’s why we believe in customization. A modern employer recognizes the importance of freedom of choice and flexible mobility.

Flexible mobility provides many benefits.

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Mobility offer

As an employer, you are flexible in how and who you offer which options, in line with your company’s own mobility policy. You are ‘in control’, so you keep a grip on the costs and allowances. This also reduces the administrative burden, while allowing you to respond directly to the wishes of employees.

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