Mobility card

Let employees travel flexibly with the Gaiyo mobility card. Get access to all forms of mobility such as public transport check-in, refuelling and e-recharging. No hassle with balance loading, cash advances and declarations, just one key for all mobility.

Get going. Get Gaiyo. One key for all mobility
Get going. Get Gaiyo.

The convenience of one card

The Gaiyo mobility card is the business variant of a public transport chip card. With the Gaiyo Card, you have access to public transport as well as shared bicycles and shared cars, P+R parking fuelling and e-charging, among others. The mobility card is an ideal complement to the Gaiyo App. The convenience for you as an employer is one integrated solution in line with your organisation’s mobility policy. Gaiyo takes care of the administrative processing of all trips made by your employees. And we feed this back to you with one clear invoice and report. The convenience for employees is less administration and total flexibility Employees no longer have to advance travel expenses and declare them afterwards. With the Gaiyo Card, they can simply check in and out as usual.

All the benefits at a glance:

Get going. Get Gaiyo. One key for all mobility
Get going. Get Gaiyo. One key for all mobility

What services does the Gaiyo Card offer?

Exclusively for business use, we also offer a (physical) travel card, which gives access to the card-based services below.

Public transport
With our business OV-chipkaart you travel on all public transport in the Netherlands. Just as you are used to. Travelling by train, bus, tram, metro and ferry is done by checking in and out. Recharging your balance is not necessary, and travel costs are invoiced to your employer on a monthly basis.

OV-fiets and bicycle parking
OV-fiets are available at more than 300 locations in the Netherlands. You will find them at stations, metro or bus stops and P+R areas. An OV-fiets is an ideal means of transport for the last part of your journey. With our mobility card, it is also possible for employees to park their private bikes in guarded and self-service parking facilities at NS railway stations.

Park & Ride
With the Gaiyo Card, you park your car easily at all Q-park P+R sites that are part of the NS.

Refuelling and e-recharging
Upon request, we can activate the Gaiyo Card for refuelling or e-recharging. It is then possible to refuel anywhere in the Netherlands and many places abroad. Also at unmanned petrol stations. Charging the car at a charging station is also possible with the Gaiyo Card.

Rent a car
Are you looking for a rental car? Via Gaiyo it can be arranged in no time. The Gaiyo Card is linked to your account in our portal. In the portal, you can easily book a rental car. The car will be delivered and picked up at the desired location.

You can also use Gaiyo for a taxi. Easily book at the desired location and time through our portal. Charges are posted on your card and invoiced to your employer monthly.

Yes, I also want to learn how easy Gaiyo can be for me.

Yes, I also want to learn how easy Gaiyo can be for me.

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