Manage mobility costs efficiently

Thanks to real-time insight and clear invoices, you have complete control over mobility costs. No more surprises, but always clarity and overview.

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Optimal mobility management: efficient, sustainable and clear

As an organization, do you want to get rid of unexpected, or high mobility costs, or are you stuck with something for a long time? Do you have trouble keeping track of different suppliers and invoices?

With Gaiyo you have full control over your mobility costs, allowing you to focus on what really matters: your core business. We understand how crucial it is to be able to predict and, above all, manage your mobility expenses budget. With all your mobility expenses including expense claims, homework and mileage allowances on a single invoice, we offer a powerful cost control solution.

A powerful solution for cost control

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Better for the environment and your wallet

Gaiyo offers a total solution with a public transport card and a mobility app that gives your employees access to all possible transport options; from public transport to shared cars, bicycles and e-scooters and even parking and charging. This encourages more sustainable choices among your employees, less congestion and helps them choose sustainable and flexbile travel options more often. This lowers the organization’s carbon footprint per employee. Less loss of valuable time, less stress and less environmental impact. Result? Savings in time, money, space and energy!

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