Optimal mobility for SME owners

Arrange your mobility and administration easily with the Gaiyo App and Gaiyo Card! Receive a monthly itemized summary invoice with complete VAT specification.

Get going. Get Gaiyo. One key for all mobility
Get going. Get Gaiyo.

Benefits for SMEs

Benefits for SMEs

Access to all transport and parking spaces

As a company, you get access to a wide range of transportation, including public transport, shared cars, scooters and (cargo) bikes. You also have instant information about available parking spaces. This makes it easier for your employees to get around efficiently and economically.

Benefits for SMEs

One card for travelling, charging and refuelling

Gaiyo offers an all-in-one card + app for public transportation travel, charging and fueling. This makes it easy for your company to manage all your mobility in one place.

No receipts. No hassle

Benefits for SMEs

Less paperwork

As a company, you don’t want to spend a lot of time on all kinds of administrative tasks. Gaiyo takes many of these tasks off your hands, such as keeping track of travel expenses and fuel receipts. This gives you more time to focus on your business.

Benefits for SME owners

One collective invoice

Gaiyo ensures organized and simple administration by placing all transactions directly tax-proof on a single collective invoice for you. This also includes a CO2 reduction report.

Charging and refuelling

Charge and refuel all over Europe with one card. With this you can also park (incl. P+Rs) or travel by public transport or shared transport!

Get going. Get Gaiyo. One key for all mobility.
Get going. Get Gaiyo.

Gaiyo versus.

GaiyoMKB BrandstofTravelcard
Comparison based on dates from relevant websites on 20 December 2023
Monthly collective invoice
with CO2 reduction reporting
On-street car parking
Barrier parking
Charging in Europe€ 1.90/month
Private charging station
Refueling in Europe
Public transport
Shared mopeds
Shared bikes
Shared cars
Shared Cargo bikes
Rate from€ 2.49/month€ 7.35/month€ 7.75/month


Take advantage of a wide range of mobility services: scooter, bike, e-bike, train, shared car and parking for all your business trips. Switch easily between business and private travel. Pay all business trips via monthly collective invoice, including usage and CO2 reports.

Gaiyo Basic

€ 2.49

Per user

Use the Gaiyo Business App for just €2.49 per user
per month, with an unlimited number of transactions.

Gaiyo Complete 

€ 3.99

Per user

Use the Gaiyo Business App complemented by the Gaiyo Card for public transport, bike rental, P+R, taxi and CO² emission registration.

Gaiyo Extra


Per user

The benefits of Gaiyo Complete, complemented by extras such as mobility budget and card for charging or fueling.

For customisation and additional services such as integration with HR tooling, pool cars or customised reports, please contact us. * See rate table in agreement. Rates are exclusive of VAT.