CO2 registration

Organizations with more than 100 employees must track employee travel and carbon emissions for each trip starting July 1, 2024. Quite an administrative challenge. Is your organization ready yet?

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Get going. Get Gaiyo.

Comply with registration requirements

With Gaiyo you can register all travel movements including CO2 emissions with all forms of transport. All this information is collected in accordance with AVG regulations and put together in one clear overview. We deliver this to you so that you can submit it correctly to the government’s e-desk. Encourage sustainable mobility, save time and offer optimal service to employees, while complying with legal requirements.

Gaiyo helps you with mandatory registration

As an organization, you may not yet be ready for the administrative tasks that come with the announced CO2 measures. How do you ensure that everyone is on the same page and registration does not become a hassle? Gaiyo ensures that all of your employees’ travel transactions are collected and processed in one clear mobility report, so that you comply with the latest reporting requirements.

What should you pay attention to when registering business mobility?

Employee travel expense claims may involve various means of transportation, such as (pool) cars, (shared) bikes/scooters and public transportation. To meet the reporting requirements, you must have the correct data. This data should be detailed enough and at least include: the number of kilometers driven per means of transport and fuel type. This allows you to generate an overview of the total number of business kilometers and CO2 emissions. The system or software you use to process claims must be able to collect and record this data. Registering via Gaiyo means an integrated platform for sustainable mobility with which you have everything set up properly for the annual reporting obligation.

Yes, I want help with my CO2 registration

Yes, I want help with my CO2 registration

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