Flexible mobility

With flexible mobility, you offer employees freedom in how they travel to work and business appointments. Offering flexible mobility provides greater travel convenience, improved efficiency and a more sustainable business. Gaiyo makes mobility easy for your employees and increases employee satisfaction. Discover the benefits for your organization now!

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Flexible mobility provides many benefits.

Get going. Get Gaiyo. One key for all mobility

Convenience for employees

Working from home one day, taking public transport to the office the next and visiting a customer in a shared car the next. Gaiyo gives employees access to all that mobility and allows them to make the best choice for them every day. If they travel by their own transportation, claiming via the Gaiyo App is quick and easy.


As an employer, you are flexible in how and who you offer which options, in line with your company’s own mobility policy. You are ‘in control’, so you keep a grip on the costs and allowances. This also reduces the administrative burden, while allowing you to respond directly to the wishes of employees.


CO2 emissions are largely caused by travel in many companies. It is therefore necessary to make travel behavior more sustainable. With direct access to a wide range of sustainable transport options such as public transport, electric shared cars and shared bicycles, employees can choose what best suits their travel that day. Due to the ease of use, they will quickly choose more sustainable alternatives.

Get going. Get Gaiyo. One key for all mobility

Employee Satisfaction

A happy employee is a productive employee. By offering flexible mobility to your employees, you support them and eliminate frustrations. Gaiyo arranges a smooth onboarding for employees and offers quick access to the desired mobility options via the Gaiyo App & Card. In a tight labor market, this sets you apart, and that’s of great importance!


Responding quickly to mobility changes is essential for employers. Gaiyo, as an experienced partner, offers flexibility with a complete service, taking 100% of the burden off employers.

Get going. Get Gaiyo. One key for all mobility

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Yes, I want to be unburdened.

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