Use a wide range of mobility services: scooter, bicycle, e-bike, train, shared car and parking for all your business trips. Easily switch between business and private travel. Pay for all business trips via the monthly collective invoice, including usage and CO2 reports.

Get going. Get Gaiyo. One key for all mobility
Get going. Get Gaiyo.

Why you need Gaiyo

Gaiyo Basic

€ 2,49

Per user

Use the Gaiyo App for only €2.49 per user
per month, with an unlimited number of transactions.

Gaiyo Complete 

€ 3,99

Per user

Use the Gaiyo App supplemented with the Gaiyo Card for public transport, bicycle rental, P+R, taxi and CO2 km registration.

Gaiyo Extra


Per user

The benefits of Gaiyo Complete, supplemented with extras such as mobility budget and charging or fuel card.

For customization and additional services such as integration with HR tooling, pool cars or custom reports, please contact us. * see rate table in agreement. Rates are excl. VAT.

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