Innovactory becomes Gaiyo!

Gaiyo - een app voor al je vervoer

A new era is dawning for our company. As of today, we will continue under the name Gaiyo.
You already know Gaiyo, of course. Our safe and user-friendly one-stop-shop for mobility has been getting more and more complete and better over the past few years. With such a great product in the market, as its creators we could really only do one thing: Start using Gaiyo as our company name!
How it began
In 2013, we started Innovactory. Our goal was to develop several innovative and smart solutions in the field of mobility. Our products, such as TimesUpp, BESERGA and MAXS, were used in successful behavior change projects.
Making sustainable mobility accessible
During these projects, our team increasingly realized that the way we move around had to change structurally. We became convinced that we could improve the quality of life in cities by making sustainable urban (micro)mobility accessible to everyone. Out of this conviction, the app Gaiyo was born in 2020.
All focus on Gaiyo
The rest is history… Gaiyo developed into the key to all transportation and fulfills this role for more and more happy users. We are naturally very proud of this. Moreover, it strengthens us in our decision to wave goodbye to our other solutions and set all our sights on Gaiyo.
As of today, we as a company are fully committed to making Gaiyo an even greater success.
As of today, we ARE Gaiyo.
PS: Our company has been nominated for the ‘Onderneming van het Jaar-award’ of the Chamber of Commerce. Please vote for us!