One transportation app for all your employees

Gives everyone a wide range of travel options at any time, for any event in any location.

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One app for all transportation

All transportation with one app

Arrange all transportation with one app both business and personal. Let employees combine private transportation with Gaiyo transportation services. A flexible, innovative solution that allows people and organizations to easily reach any destination.

One app for all business travel

01 in one app

Combine your own transportation and alternatives in one app

02 Easy payment

Payment via 1-monthly invoice

03 Easy registration of employees

Employees are easily registered with Gaiyo

04 Business and private use completely separated

Gaiyo gives you the opportunity to travel both privately and for business

05 No administration of individual claims

We make it as easy as possible

06 Reduce your CO2 footprint

Through reports, we show how much CO2 your company is saving

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