Changes in corporate mobility 2024

Veranderingen in zakelijke mobiliteit 2024 - Get going. Get Gaiyo.

To help you start the new year well prepared, we spoke with our colleague Menno, Head of Sales at Gaiyo, about what’s coming and changing in the field of business mobility in the Netherlands in 2024. Menno highlights the challenges for SMEs in arranging mobility, focusing on sustainability and the KM registration requirement. A must-read for a good start of the new year!

Ha Menno, before we dive into the deep end, how are you?

Yes, good! We have had an eventful and busy year at Gaiyo and with the acquisition of Mobility Mixx, and there are many great things to come in the coming year, not only for us but also in the field of business mobility in the Netherlands.

How has an average company in the Netherlands arranged business mobility for employees and what business mobility challenges will they face in 2024?

Managing mobility for employees is a challenge for both larger companies and institutions, many of which are already affiliated with sustainability organizations, and smaller companies. The focus is on finding a balance between cost savings, environmental friendliness and employee satisfaction. In 2024, this challenge remains, especially for smaller companies.

What is going to change in 2024 and for whom?

In 2024, the CO2 reduction scheme will come into effect, which is actually a mileage registration scheme. Companies with 100 or more employees must start registering from July 1, 2024, and report to the RVO (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland) no later than July 1, 2025.

How it works: what should employers register and how?

Bedrijven moeten kilometerregistratie opzetten voor alle gebruikte vervoersmiddelen, zoals trein, elektrische auto, dieselauto, benzineauto, en fiets. Dit kan een tijdrovende klus worden voor de individuele werknemer en het is dus zaak om ze daar met handige tools mee te helpen. De registratieplicht gaat vanaf 1 juli 2024 in.

Get going. Get Gaiyo. One key for all mobility

How can Gaiyo support directors, HR managers and mobility managers with sustainable mobility and mobility budget challenges?

Gaiyo relieves HR managers at companies with 100+ employees of tasks such as arranging lease contracts and mobility, and thus this registration requirement. As the only service provider in the Netherlands, we offer a total mobility solution, including access to public transport, shared transport, trip registration, reporting, and an all-in-one app, mobility card, and platform.

How can Gaiyo help organizations reduce their carbon footprint while also contributing to flexibility for both employers and employees?.

Gaiyo offers a total mobility solution to employees, including the ability to use electric pool cars that you can easily share with your colleagues, publicly available shared cars, differentiation within reimbursement policies and the promotion of electric transportation. This allows companies to reduce their carbon footprint. Virtually all transport options we offer are already emission-free, so by using Gaiyo you immediately reduce your CO2 footprint. With measurable results.

In addition, Gaiyo allows employers to immediately put their sustainable mobility policies into action, including compensation and reward models to encourage certain transport choices, such as electric transport. We can also immediately implement the new tax rules around tax-friendly private use – these have now also been ratified by the Senate. By smartly handling rush hour and off-peak rates for the entire company, we give companies the opportunity to save on travel costs. Employees retain maximum flexibility in choosing their daily travel method with the Gaiyo App.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?

De beste wensen voor iedereen natuurlijk. En ook: Get going. Get Gaiyo 🙂