Ready for CO2 registration obligation with Gaiyo

Sustainability has become a top priority in business. One of the key steps towards a more sustainable future is reducing CO2 emissions. The first step is to accurately maintain mileage registration of business and commuting trips. In this article we discuss the reason for this registration obligation (or the Normative Regulation on Work-related Personnel Mobility), what is expected of companies, and how Gaiyo offers the integrated solution to meet this challenge.

The motivation

Of the CO2 emissions of companies, 45% comes from employee mobility, and 86 percent of this consists of commuting. With the need to emit fewer greenhouse gases and with a view to sustainable business operations, the government has introduced a registration obligation for CO2 emissions. From July 1, 2024, companies with more than 100 employees are obliged to accurately register the kilometers of commuting and business travel of their employees, after which the RVO converts these kilometers into CO2 emissions. This obligation is not only legally required, but also an essential step to reduce CO2 emissions and achieve a more sustainable future. Together we will be able to reduce CO2 emissions from business travel by 15 Mton by 2030 compared to 1990.

What is expected of a company?

The obligation to carry out mileage registration is more than just an administrative task. It is an opportunity for companies to actively contribute to sustainability and reducing their ecological footprint. It is vital to understand employee mobility patterns and take action to reduce emissions. It is not only about complying with the registration obligation, but also about taking responsibility for the planet and future generations. Therefore, prepare well by identifying which data you need and which data is already maintained in your organization. Also consider how you want to do the complete registration, yourself or with a partner such as Gaiyo. Don’t forget to also inform your employees (and Works Council) and include them in this new obligation.

What does Gaiyo offer?

Implementing a company-wide approach to mobility can feel like a big step with a lot of impact. We help you to manage everything in a safe environment. Think of smooth onboarding within the organization, advice on mobility policy and the best solutions for employees. And if there are specific wishes, for example for your own pool cars, there is plenty of room for customization.

All benefits:

  • One-stop shop for sustainable business mobility: travel on account, mileage reimbursement, mobility budget, Gaiyo App and/or Card.
  • User-friendly: ‘one key for all mobility’, in other words one account for everything (and easy switching between private and business use).
  • Freedom of choice: employee has access to all available shared mobility in the area.
  • Easy to implement: employees can start using Gaiyo within 10 minutes.
  • Always insight into and overview of expenses: comprehensive registration and complete reports.
  • Secure data environment with complete separation between private and business.


With the deadline of July 1, 2024 in sight, it is essential that companies prepare for the mandatory mileage registration of home-to-work and business trips. This obligation is not only a legal obligation, but also an opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable future and reduce CO2 emissions. With Gaiyo you choose a reliable and experienced partner who immediately helps you with the registration obligation and, last but not least, offers employees the convenience to travel sustainably and continue to travel.

It is high time to take action and take a step forward towards a greener and more sustainable future. Will you make a difference with us for a healthier planet for future generations?