Bolt chooses Gaiyo as MaaS partner for its e-bikes in the Netherlands

Bolt kiest Gaiyo als MaaS-partner voor e-bikes in Nederland. Het grootste multimodale platform in Europa, kiest Gaiyo als eerste MaaS partner om de Nederlandse markt te veroveren. Vanaf vandaag zijn de e-bikes van Bolt volledig geïntegreerd in deze Nederlandse mobiliteitsapp.

Bolt, the largest multi-modal platform in Europe, chooses Gaiyo as its first Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) partner to conquer the Dutch market. From today, Bolt’s e-bikes are fully integrated into this Dutch mobility app.

That means you can now fully plan, book and pay for a ride on a Bolt e-bike in the Gaiyo app. So with Gaiyo, you have everything you need to travel from A to B.

Bolt has been operating with electric shared bikes in the Netherlands since last year. Bolt’s e-bikes are already present in four Dutch cities (Enschede, Groningen, Hengelo and Nijmegen), and the company is about to launch them in Den Bosch in July. In the future, Bolt will open up more Dutch towns through Gaiyo where the Bolt e-bikes will be introduced.

Encouraging smarter mobility decisions

Marc Naether, Head of Public Policy Benelux at Bolt:

Our partnership with Gaiyo in the Netherlands aligns perfectly with Bolt’s vision of promoting multimodal transportation and providing viable alternatives to private car ownership. By integrating Bolt’s e-bikes seamlessly into the Gaiyo app, we are enabling Gaiyo’s customers to include our e-bikes in the multimodal journeys that they plan, book and pay on the Gaiyo platform. This collaboration is a strong sign for Bolt’s commitment to the expectation of many Dutch cities that shared mobility becomes part of Mobility-as-a-Service offers, empowering individuals to choose from a diverse range of transport options. Our goal is to offer an accessible and sustainable solution to as many people as possible, fostering a shift away from private cars and towards greener and more efficient urban mobility.

Lucien Groenhuijzen, CEO at Gaiyo:

The availability of Bolt’s e-bikes in our app proves that Gaiyo has become the MaaS app of the Netherlands. Like Bolt, Gaiyo aims to encourage smarter mobility decisions and help people access a wide variety of transport options in their neighbourhood. We look forward to working with Bolt to bring even more sustainable micro-mobility to cities across the Netherlands.

The partnership between Gaiyo and Bolt is driven by a shared commitment to facilitate a modal shift in transportation habits, encouraging individuals to embrace sustainable alternatives over private car ownership. This collaboration exemplifies the concept of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) and promotes a more sustainable and accessible urban mobility experience. Through this partnership, Gaiyo and Bolt aim to empower individuals to make greener choices, reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and contribute to the development of efficient and eco-friendly urban transportation systems.


With the cooperation between Gaiyo and Bolt, urban mobility will become a little more sustainable and accessible for everyone again. Travellers are offered the freedom to choose from various forms of available (electric) transport within one clear app, which now includes the Bolt e-bike. Integrations like this reinforce the concept of Mobility-as-a-Service.

About Bolt

Bolt is the European super-app that has 100 million customers in 45 countries and over 500 cities across Europe and Africa. The company seeks to accelerate the transition from owned cars to shared mobility, offering better alternatives for every use case, including ride-hailing, shared cars, scooters and e-bikes, and food and grocery delivery. Bolt is the largest micro mobility provider in Europe. It offers micro mobility services in more than 260 cities across 25 countries in Europe.

About Gaiyo

Gaiyo is the fastest growing transport app in the Netherlands, with the most integrated providers of mobility solutions. The app can be used to plan, book and pay for journeys by train, public transport, shared cars, shared mopeds, shared bicycles and shared cargo bikes. Gaiyo is also the cheapest ‘parking app’ in the Netherlands, being the only one that does not charge transaction fees for street parking actions. Since last year, Gaiyo has also been there for companies that want to better organise the flexible mobility of their employees: Gaiyo Business.