Towards sustainability: Lage Weide’s accessibility and behavioural change project

Gaiyo interviewt Bedrijventerrein Lage Weide over Duurzaamheid en Bereikbaarheid

Business parks on the outskirts of the city are often remote and difficult to reach by public transport. In June 2023, Lage Weide launched a three-year project in cooperation with TIER and Gaiyo. This allows employees and employers to get acquainted with the whole system of shared mobility for a longer period of time. We spoke to Daan van Haarlem, project manager for Accessibility at ILW Parkmanagement Lage Weide at Lage Weide business park, about their challenges, ambitions and approach.

“Organizations discover flexible mobility in 2024: Gaiyo is more than just a mobility card”

“It’s incredibly nice to see how many Mobility Mixx customers have already embraced the Gaiyo App,” said Jarco, Campaign & Onboarding manager at Gaiyo. “Since the acquisition in May 2023, I have been helping Mobility Mixx customers literally and figuratively get into the swing of things.” In what ways Gaiyo does this, you can read in this interview.

Ready for CO2 registration obligation with Gaiyo

Sustainability has become a top priority in business. One of the key steps towards a more sustainable future is reducing CO2 emissions. The first step is to accurately maintain mileage registration of business and commuting trips. In this article we discuss the reason for this registration obligation (or the Normative Regulation on Work-related Personnel Mobility), … Read more

Transportation app Gaiyo now also available for business use

Gaiyo Business

Do you have a business and are you looking for a transportation app that fills in all access to shared transportation, parking and public transportation and takes care of the administration right away? Then we have good news for you. Gaiyo, the fastest growing transport app in the Netherlands, has introduced a new service: Gaiyo … Read more