“Organizations discover flexible mobility in 2024: Gaiyo is more than just a mobility card”

“It’s incredibly nice to see how many Mobility Mixx customers have already embraced the Gaiyo App,” said Jarco, Campaign & Onboarding manager at Gaiyo. “Since the acquisition in May 2023, I have been helping Mobility Mixx customers literally and figuratively get into the swing of things.” In what ways Gaiyo does this, you can read in this interview.

Where is your strength in the business market right now?

“Actually very simple: Managers completely unburdened, employees maximally satisfied. For those satisfied employees, we made it as easy as possible. We do that with practical, short tutorial videos that explain in minute detail what Gaiyo means exactly, which transportation options you can book and how you then travel with it. In addition, we’ve also created a handy step-by-step manual, which also provides guidance.

  With Gaiyo, managers and directors are even more unburdened than we already were. With the Gaiyo App alongside the card they often already use, they receive fewer declarations and invoices, while offering their employees broad access to all mobility. By getting employees off to a good start, we simultaneously take the burden off their own communications. So being an attractive employer, and at the same time being smart with one’s own time!”

What exactly are the benefits for organizations?

Jarco: “The goal is to give employees easy access to flexible, sustainable mobility. Not only with a view to CO2 reduction, but you also give employees the freedom to bypass traffic jams. This can be done by traveling ‘first and last miles’ using, for example, a shared bike and public transport. In other words: more sustainable travel, made simple.”

How do organizations view their mobility policies?

“We see that organizations find it important for staff to travel more sustainably while being and remaining attractive in the job market. Many companies are therefore actively participating and offering freedom in all transport options. We see many good examples of this with our customers. That is really nice to see and motivates me enormously. Soon we will share more information via our socials. Keep an eye on them for instructive customer cases and interviews.”

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