Strategic partnership between ParkBee and Gaiyo provides more parking convenience in the city

ParkBee - Gaiyo

Parkbee and Gaiyo join forces. From today, parking platform ParkBee offers its services in the transport app Gaiyo. This enables travelers to reserve their ParkBee parking spot and continue their door-to-door journey with shared transport offered by Gaiyo.

Gaiyo is an app that allows users to plan, book and pay for all their transport. ParkBee is a provider of unused parking spaces at business locations, hotels and residential complexes to private and corporate travelers. These parking spaces, at over 250 locations across the country, can be reserved in advance and are also around 30% cheaper than regular (street) parking rates. The cooperation between ParkBee and Gaiyo means that from every ParkBee parking place, travelers can continue their journey to their final destination with transport which they can book via Gaiyo. People who go shopping for a day can park their car at a ParkBee location and with Gaiyo they can take a shared scooter, e-bike or tram to their final destination.

Ease of use

By offering the 250 ParkBee locations in the app, Gaiyo brings a large dose of extra user-friendliness for the consumer. Besides the possibility to park on the street, the app now also offers access to all parking garages that ParkBee manages. For those who want to be assured of a parking spot, the app also offers the possibility to reserve a parking spot. The on-site barrier can be easily opened using the Gaiyo app, and payment is easy and fast. In addition, ParkBee’s favorable parking tariffs also give consumers a financial advantage.

Flexibility in transport

For both ParkBee and Gaiyo fans, this cooperation offers an extra dose of flexibility in their transport from A to B. Gaiyo shows these users which available (partial) transport options there are in the vicinity of the ParkBee parking location. The parker can also plan, book and pay for the last mile to the final destination, by e-bike, scooter or public transport, much more easily with Gaiyo.

Cheapest parking app

Gaiyo has been offering its users street parking for some time now. The app is the only one that does not charge transaction fees for street parking, which makes Gaiyo the cheapest parking app in the Netherlands. The addition of ParkBee’s low-cost parking spots to Gaiyo’s product range is a perfect fit.

Improving the quality of life in cities

Lucien Groenhuijzen, CEO of Innovactory, the company behind Gaiyo: “By opening up parking spaces in and around the city center, ParkBee wants to make cities more liveable. This mission is of course completely in line with Gaiyo, which as a MaaS-app wants to increase the quality of life in cities by making travelers travel smarter and more sustainable, whether or not by using P+R sites and shared transport. We are therefore pleased with this cooperation, which represents an important step in traveling within and to urban areas.”

Werner Paul Boerma, CEO of Parkbee: 

“ParkBee, as Europe’s largest tech platform for parking, makes underutilized car parks digitally accessible to the public. Through the cooperation with Gaiyo we now offer our parking spaces in the Gaiyo app. In this way we work together to further improve the mobility of cities and free up street space.”