Why every Utrechter will soon be driving a shared car

Shared cars are becoming increasingly popular. In Utrecht, too, the fleet of shared cars is expanding at a rapid pace. Which car sharing providers are there in Utrecht? An overview.

Sharing car: Utrecht is a leader

In terms of the number of shared cars per hundred thousand inhabitants, the city of Utrecht has been the leader of the Netherlands for years. The city had 1,461 shared cars per hundred thousand inhabitants in 2020, no other city has such a high shared car density. In total, the city will have 5,225 shared cars in 2020, including shared cars rented by private individuals. That represented a 23% increase over the previous year. 

Deelauto Utrecht: priceworthy policy

The municipality of Utrecht has also won the Autodeel Award several times for its promotion of car sharing. Natuur & Milieu and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management assessed thirty municipalities on what they are doing in the field of car sharing. Utrecht scored well because it has a broad approach and has been working on the growth of car sharing for years. “Residents of streets where people are going to car share, for example, can ask us to rearrange parking spaces. That way we get even more space in the city for greenery and play,” alderman Lot van Hooijdonk told us back in 2018.

Advantages shared car Utrecht

Using shared cars compared to owning one has quite a few advantages. First of all, the quality of life within the city. The city gets more free space on the street, because there are fewer cars and fewer parking spaces are needed. That space can be arranged differently, for example as a playground or park. But there are more benefits of car sharing for residents Utrecht:

  • Shared cars are cheaper.
  • Shared cars often have their own parking space, so you don’t have to search for a parking spot.
  • Deelauto’s zijn vaak elektrisch en dus beter voor de luchtkwaliteit in Utrecht.
  • Shared cars reduce traffic and parking pressure in Utrecht.
  • Shared cars save you a lot of hassle, such as maintenance, insurance and the like.

Sharing car Utrecht: which ones are there?

Which car sharing providers are there in Utrecht? An overview.


In Utrecht, you will always find a shared car from MyWheels nearby. The cars are spread throughout the city, in residential areas but also in central locations. The cars of MyWheels can be planned, booked and paid for with Gaiyo. 


Amber’s BMW i3s can be picked up at multiple hubs in Utrecht. Amber can be used for both business and private use. The cars of Amber can also be used with Gaiyo. 


In Utrecht there are more than 270 Greenwheels shared cars waiting for you. You can find them throughout the city with our app Gaiyo. 


At SnappCar, you rent a car from a private person. These renters share their car with others because otherwise it would remain idle. Some of these private shared cars are keyless unlocked.


There are two public Hely hubs in Utrecht where you can find the Hely shared cars: The Rachmaninov Plantsoen and the Schildersbuurt (Gabriel Metsustraat). 


Stapp.in rents shared cars to individuals and companies who need a car from time to time. You can also find them in Utrecht. The cars from Stapp.in can be planned, booked and paid for with Gaiyo. 

We Drive Solar

This sharing car concept works on a subscription basis. The more expensive your subscription, the more often you can use the electric cars. There are already quite a few driving around in Utrecht.

Rent a shared car in Utrecht

In Utrecht, the shared car is on the rise. Do you live in Utrecht and would you like to rent a shared car? Or do you need to be in Utrecht and don’t feel like driving around for 45 minutes looking for a parking spot? Install and open the Gaiyo App and plan and book the shared car of your choice via Gaiyo. The app gives you a handy overview of all the shared cars that are available in your area. You can also book, open and pay for the shared car of your choice via this app. Very convenient and clear.