Why every Utrechter will soon be driving a shared car

Shared cars are becoming increasingly popular. In Utrecht, too, the fleet of shared cars is expanding at a rapid pace. Which car sharing providers are there in Utrecht? An overview. Sharing car: Utrecht is a leader In terms of the number of shared cars per hundred thousand inhabitants, the city of Utrecht has been the … Read more

How the shared car is winning over Rotterdam

Have you noticed that the shared car is slowly but surely taking over Rotterdam? More and more Rotterdammers are opting to ditch their own car and switch to shared transport. Which shared cars can you rent in Rotterdam? And is there an app that shows you all the providers? We explain it all in this … Read more

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The benefits of car sharing

Shared cars, you see them more and more on the road. Time to zoom in on the benefits of car sharing, both for individuals and for our society. The car: for some it is a status symbol, for others necessary to get from A to B. In any case, it is a fact that more … Read more

Car sharing: how does it work? All you need to know

Car sharing in the Netherlands - how does it work

Car sharing: how does it work? Don’t have a car, but need one now and again? Or are you considering getting rid of your (second) car and using a shared car from time to time? Then you are doing something smart and sustainable. How does car sharing work? Which providers are there and what should … Read more