How the shared car is winning over Rotterdam

Have you noticed that the shared car is slowly but surely taking over Rotterdam? More and more Rotterdammers are opting to ditch their own car and switch to shared transport. Which shared cars can you rent in Rotterdam? And is there an app that shows you all the providers? We explain it all in this article.

Rotterdam shared car: from possession to use

Rotterdam is growing, but the climate and livability are under pressure. Therefore, the City of Rotterdam is pursuing a conscious policy to make the city healthier and more inclusive. In order to create an accessible, attractive and healthy city, the city is focusing on shared mobility. Owned cars are increasingly making room for shared cars.

Rotterdam shared car: only emission free

Rotterdam wants four to five percent of all cars in the city to be shared cars by 2030. In addition, all shared cars in Rotterdam must be zero-emission starting in 2025. Sharing car providers who want to score a permit in Rotterdam now must already have an emission-free car fleet. Existing providers of shared cars in Rotterdam have until the end of 2024 to switch to electric or hydrogen.

How to find a shared car in Rotterdam?

There are quite a few providers of shared cars active in Rotterdam. Below you will find an overview of all providers. If you want to travel through Rotterdam in a shared car, you should first register with the provider. You can do this through the app or the website. If you do not have a preference for a particular provider, but are mainly interested in the car that is available closest to you or is the cheapest, then you should install the app Gaiyo on your phone. This app gives you a handy overview of all the shared cars in your area, without you having to open all the separate apps of the different providers one by one. Reserving the car of your choice is also possible through the Gaiyo app.

Rotterdam shared car: all providers in a row

  1. SnappCar
    Snappcar allows you to use cars from private individuals. It is one of the best known car sharing platforms. In Rotterdam alone, more than five hundred cars are available for sharing through Snappcar. Some of these private cars are keyless; you can open these cars with the app, without the landlord having to be there.
  2. Sixt Share
    Since June 2020 also Sixt Share is active in Rotterdam. SIXT offers a fully electric fleet, from small city cars to a super deluxe Jaguar I-Pace.
  3. Amber
    Amber’s BMW i3s can be picked up at one of the numerous hubs in Rotterdam, such as at train stations and in public parking garages. The company once entered the market with business shared cars but now also focuses on private users.
  4. Greenwheels
    Greenwheels is one of the first car sharing concepts that became active in the Netherlands. In Rotterdam you will find the Greenwheels shared cars at fixed parking spaces.
  5. MyWheels
    MyWheels is the largest provider of electric car sharing. The cars are spread throughout the city, both in residential areas and in central locations.
  6. Recently also in Rotterdam: SHARE NOW
    SHARE NOW (formerly Car2Go) already has electric shared cars running around in Amsterdam and has now expanded to Rotterdam, where it opened two shared car hubs in September 2021: one at Parking Garage Schouwburgplein and one at APCOA Parking Westblaak. SHARE NOW’s fleet is all-electric and includes Smarts, BMW i3s and Fiats 500.