Primeur: Gaiyo is the first to launch the possibility to rent the green shared e-mopeds of GO Sharing in its own app

Primeur: Gaiyo lanceert als eerste de mogelijkheid om de groene deelscooters van GO Sharing te huren in eigen app

Gaiyo has the scoop in the Netherlands. It is now possible to rent the green electric shared mopeds of GO Sharing in the Gaiyo app. By adding this service to the app, it becomes even easier to get to your destination. It is already possible to buy your train tickets in the app, or choose one of the many shared cars, but the addition of the GO Sharing scooters is a welcome enhancement. For city traffic, this is the ideal way to travel.

Unique collaboration

There is no longer any way around it: the electric GO Sharing e-mopeds can be found all over the country. This means of transport is really taking off and has secured a place on the list of the most popular means of transport. The cooperation between Gaiyo and GO Sharing is therefore also an important one; in this way Gaiyo broadens the range of mobility services in the app and responds to the needs of travellers.

Anytime, anywhere access

By using smart technology, Gaiyo allows the user to instantly see which means of transport are nearby. By showing the distance and price, the traveller can easily make his own choice. For short trips in the city, an (electric) shared bicycle suffices, but for trips that traverse an entire city, the e-moped offers a solution.

About Gaiyo

Gaiyo is a mobility app that functions as a personal transport assistant. The app provides a real-time overview of all available travel options and combinations, complete with departure and arrival times, travel time and costs. These range from shared bicycles, scooters and cars to public transport. Since April 2021, you can also start parking actions without paying transaction fees, so you no longer need a separate parking app.