Gaiyo street parking: the cheapest ‘parking app’ in the Netherlands with the most extras


Are you looking for the cheapest parking app in the Netherlands? Or do you want to know what the best parking app is? There are many parking apps on the market, but the differences in price and service offered have been small so far. With the introduction of Gaiyo street parking, this will change.

One app for all your transport, that’s Gaiyo. Whether it’s routes, an overview of traffic jams, or occasionally booking a shared car or scooter, in Gaiyo you have the overview and arrange it all. The ability to pay for parking is the latest feature in this super handy app. Because if you can order and open a shared car through Gaiyo and determine your route to your destination through Gaiyo, it is very convenient that you can also arrange your parking action in the same app. And whether you drive your own car or a shared car, Gaiyo’s street parking feature has many extras, more on that later.

Overview of all parking options and prices

When you want to use Gaiyo’s parking feature, just open the app and scroll to the parking widget. Based on your location, Gaiyo scans which parking garages, P+R’s and parking zones are available in your immediate vicinity. So the app immediately shows you all parking options, with the corresponding rates. This way, you can easily see where you can park your car the cheapest, or where there is a blue parking zone in the neighbourhood. If you choose the map view of the parking function, you can also easily see in which areas you can park for free.

Cheapest parking app

If you want to save on parking, Gaiyo is a good choice. Also as far as transaction costs are concerned. There are no transaction costs. You pay € 0 per parking transaction! You don’t pay any subscription fees either. With other parking apps, you usually pay 30 euro cents per parking action, which is double. Count your profit! This makes Gaiyo the cheapest parking app. Adding license plates in Gaiyo is even completely free. Very convenient, especially if you occasionally use a shared car. Thanks to the wallet system, you have extra control over your parking expenses. You fill your wallet in advance with the desired amount. 

Helpful features

Because the makers of Gaiyo are committed to making mobility as accessible and flexible as possible, they have added many other useful features to their new street parking function. For example, you can always see your current parking costs in the app. Do you sometimes forget to stop your parking session and don’t want to end up with a huge parking bill at the end of the day? No stress! Just give Gaiyo permission to send you a free push notification every hour, to inform you about your ongoing parking action. In Gaiyo you can also enter a (generous) end time for your parking action in advance. If you end your parking session before the given end time, you will simply pay for the actual parking duration.

More than just parking

The biggest advantage of the Gaiyo street parking function over using a regular parking app is without a doubt that Gaiyo incorporates many other mobility functions. For example, do you need to be in the city centre of Amsterdam, but don’t feel like paying €7.50 an hour for parking? Simply plan your journey in the app with a P+R as your interim destination and book your onward journey (public transport, shared bicycle or scooter) in this app as well. Handy, right? And are you done with your parking action and do you want to know if there is any traffic on the motorways? Gaiyo shows you all relevant traffic information, including any delays you may have to your destination. You decide the order of all widgets in Gaiyo. So if you use the app mainly for parking, just put that widget on top. 

In short: with Gaiyo’s new parking widget, you don’t need a separate overpriced parking app anymore. Want to try Gaiyo street parking yourself? Then download the Gaiyo app for free and the rest is easy.