Gaiyo and Mobilitymixx join forces to help A2 congestion driver travel smarter

Gaiyo -MobilityMixx

For the next four years, Gaiyo (formerly Innovactory International) and Mobility Mixx will support travelers in the area between Utrecht and Eindhoven in their mobility needs. They also encourage them to use other forms of mobility by showing motorists on the A2 smart alternatives to get to their destination. With their existing MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) apps Gaiyo and Mixx, the two parties offer a complete solution to help travelers in their mobility needs. Gaiyo and Mobility Mixx have years of experience in traveler behavior change and have successfully completed large-scale projects.

Gaiyo, one app for all your transportation

The app Gaiyo is aimed primarily at consumers and functions as a personal travel assistant, providing a real-time overview of all available (partial) transportation options and combinations, complete with fares, possible departure and arrival times, routes, traffic jams and parking options. With one account, the user can plan, book and pay for (partial) transportation.

Lucien Groenhuijzen, CEO of Gaiyo: “We want to make it as easy as possible for our users to travel. Whether you choose the car, public transport, or bicycle; Gaiyo provides you with all relevant information. If you want to use shared transportation, we not only show you where it is, but include it in route planning and now make it bookable and affordable directly from one app. We give them a key to all transportation, in a customer-friendly and approachable way. By joining forces with Mobility Mixx, we can unburden both consumers and employers and provide them with a sustainable mobility solution.”

Mixx, the platform for customized business mobility

Mobility Mixx’s travel platform offers employees and employers the most complete solution to make commuting and business travel flexible, sustainable and affordable. With a Mixx account, colleagues have access to all desired forms of transportation and additional services. Claiming and settling travel expenses is largely automatic with the Mixx app and Mixx portal. The management platform allows employers to offer travel arrangements that suit the modern employer; ‘Travel differently’ and Hybrid Work. So: smarter travel, fewer contracts and contact points, automatically booked and paid afterwards.

Harald Ernst, CEO Mobility Mixx: “Most employers along the A2 are looking for practical and smart solutions to redesign employee travel and work after Covid-19. The future of working is changing and that also affects our mobility needs. In other words, you will only be truly mobile in 2021 if you can also stay at home. Together with Gaiyo, we offer a complete mobility service for consumers and employers. Together we help travelers find new, flexible ways to travel. These are future-proof, cost-conscious and cleaner. In this way, together we are helping to structurally improve accessibility in the Netherlands.”

The added value of MaaS

The MaaS project on the A2 is part of the mobility approach within the MIRT program A2 Deil-Vught, involving the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Rijkswaterstaat, Province of North Brabant, Region Rivierenland and the municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The area around the A2 freeway corridor between Amsterdam/Utrecht and ‘s-Hertogenbosch/Eindhoven, and in particular the Deil – Vught section, is an essential part of the accessibility of North Brabant and Rivierenland. The A2 motorway between the Deil and Vught interchanges threatens to become one of the largest congestion bottlenecks in the Netherlands. At the national, provincial and regional levels, the goal has been set to improve traffic flow in this area. The focus is mainly on the deployment of smart, innovative and sustainable mobility concepts.