Cheap parking in Amsterdam: you pay the least at these parking spots.

Goedkoop parkeren in Amsterdam

Cheap parking in Amsterdam can be quite a challenge. Parking spaces are scarce and in the city center you’ll easily pay € 7.50 for an hour of parking. But there are alternatives for those who need to park their car in the capital. An overview of the cheapest parking spaces in Amsterdam.

Cheap parking in Amsterdam: pay only 1 euro on a P+R site

Inside and just outside the ring road of Amsterdam there are P+R locations in all directions. You can park your car there very cheap. The P+R locations of Amsterdam are:

  • Noord
  • Zeeburg 1
  • Zeeburg 2
  • Johan Cruijff ArenA
  • RAI
  • Olympic Stadium
  • VUmc (weekends only)
  • Sloterdijk
  • Bos en Lommer. 

Terms P+R Amsterdam

In order to take benefit from the cheap parking at a P+R, you have to travel further from the P+R location by GVB public transport (streetcars, bus or metro) or by train. If you continue your journey with another mode of transport, you pay the normal P+R fare. All P+R locations have of course a good connection to public transport. From P+R Noord you can walk straight into the subway and five minutes later you’re at Amsterdam Central Station. 

Rate P+R Amsterdam

You only pay 1 euro per 24 hours on a P+R site when you drive in on Saturday, Sunday or a public holiday. Also on Monday to Friday you pay this rate, if you drive in after 10AM. Then you can park for up to 96 hours (4 days), with the exception of P+R RAI, where you can park for up to 24 hours. If you drive in on Monday through Friday before 10AM (i.e. during rush hour) you pay 8 euros for the first 24 hours. The next 72 hours you pay 1 euro per 24 hours. After 96 hours you always pay the more expensive standard parking rate at the P+R location. This rate varies per P+R location.

Cheap parking in Amsterdam: on the street in a cheap parking zone

Is the P+R full or you don’t want to or can’t park your car on such an area for some other reason? Then of course you can park your car on the street. The parking rates for public parking differ per parking zone. In the center of Amsterdam you pay the most. To park your car there for an hour you’ll pay € 7,50. In the ring around the center (also the areas that are situated fairly central) you pay € 6.00 per hour. Still quite expensive. In the areas behind the A10 highway you usually pay € 4.50 per hour and as you get further outside of the city center the hour rate drops to a minimum of € 2.50.

Cheapest parking in Amsterdam within the ring road: Noord

Would you like to park in the street close to the center and still not pay the highest price? In Amsterdam Noord the parking fee is only € 1.40 per hour. However, due in part to the construction of the Noord-Zuid-lijn and the increased parking costs in the city center, parking pressure has increased enormously there. That is why at locations close to the ferry to Amsterdam Centraal Station there is often a maximum parking duration. Moreover, for the same reason, it can take a while to find a free parking space there.  

Cheap parking in Amsterdam: the cheapest parking garages

Do you want your car to be nice and dry in a parking garage in the city centre, but don’t want it to go bankrupt right away? Then the Parking Center Oosterdok, near Central Station, might be something for you. Especially if you want to park in the center of Amsterdam for more than six hours, this parking garage offers a very reasonable daily rate of € 5 to € 15.

A condition for parking at this reduced rate is that you reserve your parking space in advance and pay via the parking website. Bonus: your license plate is recognized when you drive in, so you drive in without hassle. There are 100 of these spaces available on a daily basis. Have all the cheap places already been forgiven? Then you can still park in this garage relatively cheap: a day ticket will cost € 20. The day rates fluctuate per month, so make sure to check the Gaiyo app for current rates.

Cheap parking in Amsterdam: the Gaiyo app

Are you looking for a cheap parking space in Amsterdam near a specific location? Then use Gaiyo. This app bundles all useful information about transportation and parking for you, and allows you to directly book your transportation options. Gaiyo also shows you all the parking options in the vicinity of your location. This includes P+R locations, parking zones, as well as parking lots and garages, with of course always the applicable rate. This way, wherever you are, you will always find the cheapest parking spot in the area and you can also immediately map out your onward transportation.