Gaiyo receives ISO 27001 certificate for information security

Gaiyo is ISO-gecertificeerd - Lucien Groenhuijzen

We are proud to announce that Innovactory holds the ISO 27001 certificate as of today. This means that we meet the high requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in the field of information security.

ISO 27001 is the internationally recognized standard for information security. The fact that we have been awarded the ISO 27001 certificate is proof that Innovactory knows how to protect information – such as lace data, employer information and other confidential data. The certificate also offers the assurance that all risks in this area have been investigated and minimized.

ISO 27001 certificate: increasingly strict requirements

The requirements for the ISO 27001 certificate are tested annually. In addition, the regulations concerning privacy and information security are becoming stricter and stricter. Innovactory has therefore set up its management system for information security in such a way that it meets and can continue to meet these highest requirements.

Data protection

Lucien Groenhuijzen, Director of Gaiyo: “For a company like Innovactory, which has information as its basis, it is a great recognition to be able to carry the ISO 27001 certificate now. For us, data protection has always played a crucial role in every decision we have made. It’s fantastic that this care has now been awarded the leading certificate”.

Project Team ISO-27001

In order to meet the strict standards for obtaining the ISO 27001 certificate, a project team was set up, led by Jeroen Siffels, information security coordinator at Gaiyo. Siffels is also pleased with the ISO certificate: “Not only do we say that we have high safety standards at Innovactory, our information security is now also tested. And that test has shown that we comply with all international safety standards”.

In depth management

Ebru Yöndem, of the certification institute TÜV Netherlands: “Gaiyo has clearly deepened the issues and risks surrounding the design, development and management of mobility applications. With a team of enthusiastic employees, they have demonstrated that the management measures of ISO 27001 have been consistently implemented and are properly managed”.