Shared e-mopeds Utrecht: this how the renting works

You’ve probably already seen that the shared e-moped entered Utrecht. So how does it work, renting a shared e-moped? And where do you actually find the shared e-mopeds? This is everything you need to know.

To keep the growing city livable, the municipality of Utrecht has developed a mobility plan which focuses on shared transport. The ambition is to offer so many shared vehicles that by 2040 Utrechters will no longer need to have their own car parked outside their front door. 

This plan already seems to be getting off to a nice start. The number of shared cars per hundred thousand inhabitants is the highest in the Netherlands at 1,461. By way of comparison: in Amsterdam there are ‘only’ 1,273. Only in the field of shared mopeds did Utrecht lag behind in recent years. But since October 2021 this has changed.

Shared mopeds Utrecht: TIER Mobility

Also Utrecht has electric share scooters available in the city. These scooters are not from GO Sharing, felyx or Check, the companies that are already quite active in cities like Rotterdam, Amsterdam and The Hague. In Utrecht, the German micro-mobility company TIER has been allowed to offer its shared e-mopeds since October 2021. The company started with 75 partial scooters and will start scaling this up to 300 units in early 2022.

Shared mopeds Utrecht: ideal for short trips in the city

Shared e-mopeds are a sustainable addition to the range of modes of transport in Utrecht and help keep the city reachable. On an e-moped you move easier, faster and more sustainable through the busy city traffic. The use of such an e-moped is about the same price as public transport and is almost always cheaper than a car or cab. After all, you have no parking and gasoline costs. 

Shared mopeds Utrecht: this is how it works

Do you live, work or study in Utrecht and would you like to try one of these shared mopeds? Nice plan! This is how it works.

1. Find and reserve a shared moped

If you need a shared moped, you can find one using the app Gaiyo. Gaiyo’s route planner includes the available TIER offerings at your location in various route recommendations. The entire ride on your shared moped can be planned, booked and paid with Gaiyo, so you don’t need the TIER app.

2. Using a shared moped

Anyone who has found a TIER moped or bike can also unlock it very easily with Gaiyo. Before you drive off, always check the shared moped for damage or problems and report them immediately if you come across them, so that you don’t have to pay for them later. A helmet is mandatory on the scooters, you will find two in the buddy. The shared mopeds may only be used within the city of Utrecht.

3. Parking shared mopeds

TIER uses fixed locations where you can return your scooter. This will prevent the shared moped from causing Utrecht the parking nuisance that other cities have previously experienced. Technology can be used to check whether the vehicle is parked in the right place. If a moped cannot be parked, a ride cannot be completed either. However, it is possible to return your scooter to a different location than where you picked it up. 

4. Paying for a shared moped

You pay for the use of the TIER shared moped in advance, via the Gaiyo wallet. If your ride turns out to be shorter afterwards, the excess amount will be returned to your wallet. If your ride takes longer than planned, the remaining amount will be debited automatically. The starting rate of the shared scooter is € 1.00 and you can ride from 0.30 cents per minute.