Innovactory obtains certificate for CO2 performance ladder

Gaiyo - CO2-certificaat

Innovactory International (now Gaiyo) has received a CO2-aware certificate for achieving the highest level on the CO2 Performance Ladder, namely level 5. Obtaining the certificate shows that the company is actively working on CO2 reduction.

The startup from Almere strives for sustainable development and is convinced that good entrepreneurial performance is achieved as soon as there is a balance between People, Planet and Profit. An important starting point is the pursuit of the smallest possible ecological footprint.

The annual mapping of a CO2 footprint provides Innovactory with the opportunity to monitor its emissions and direct measures to reduce CO2 emissions and make operations more sustainable. Using the CO2 Performance Ladder saves a tremendous amount of energy.

The CO2 Performance Ladder is a leading sustainability instrument in the Dutch market. Encouraging companies to do something themselves to reduce CO2 is the idea behind the CO2 Performance Ladder. The CO2 Performance Ladder has five levels, rising from 1 to 5. The more efforts a company makes to reduce CO2 emissions, the higher its position on the ladder. By achieving step 5 on the ladder, Innovactory shows that it is one of the leaders in sustainable business.

Of course, as a company, Innovactory cannot be left behind to look at itself as well. A few years ago we already did this by achieving Lean & Green Star personal mobility, focusing on our own mobility. Now it was time to go a step further to take a good look at the whole company, and take the right measures. We are proud to contribute to the reduction of Co2 emissions, says Stefan Bollars, program manager at Innovactory.

The Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement & Business (SKAO) congratulates Innovactory International on achieving level 5 on the CO2 Performance Ladder. The organization shows decisiveness through its innovative and sustainable business operations. Besides Innovactory, more and more companies subscribe to the added value of this instrument. The CO2-Performanceladder has become the standard instrument for businesses to achieve a sustainable green economy, says project leader Gijs Termeer of the SKAO.

About Innovactory

Innovactory (now Gaiyo) was founded in 2013 by a team of former TomTom employees with the goal of developing innovative smart mobility applications that significantly contribute to sustainable travel behavior. Its smart travel assistant TimesUpp, has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars in the Appstores and has been installed 150,000 times. Since January 1, 2017, TimesUpp users have made 484,380 fewer car trips, resulting in CO2 savings of over 1,700,000 kg.