How do I buy an e-ticket for the train through Gaiyo?

It is possible to purchase an e-ticket for the train through Gaiyo. Follow the following steps to purchase a ticket.

1. At the top of the dashboard, enter your destination under ‘Current location’ and scroll to the ‘Tickets for public transportation’ widget

2. Find an NS logo and your destination in the list, then click on ‘Tickets’

3. At the top, enter your departure and arrival location and indicate when (day) the ticket should be valid.

4. You will now see the ticket available according to your route. Note: The ticket shown is by default a one-way 2nd class ticket. If you want to change this to a return ticket or with valley discount, click the pencil icon and then click “Ok”.

5. Click ” Confirm selected” to order your ticket.

6. Check your ticket and click “Confirm.”

7. Your ticket has now been purchased. You can view your purchased e-ticket via “Tickets and Reservations” by clicking on the three horizontal bars at the top of your dashboard.