Developer Dutch transport app Gaiyo raises €1.5 million growth capital.

Gaiyo press

Dutch mobility start-up Innovactory, the company behind transport app Gaiyo, has received €1.5 million in a funding round. The new capital will be used for product development, connecting more transport providers and increasing the number of users of the app. About Gaiyo Gaiyo is an innovative app that functions as a one-stop shop for any … Read more

The benefits of car sharing

Shared cars, you see them more and more on the road. Time to zoom in on the benefits of car sharing, both for individuals and for our society. The car: for some it is a status symbol, for others necessary to get from A to B. In any case, it is a fact that more … Read more

Shared e-mopeds Utrecht: this how the renting works

You’ve probably already seen that the shared e-moped entered Utrecht. So how does it work, renting a shared e-moped? And where do you actually find the shared e-mopeds? This is everything you need to know. To keep the growing city livable, the municipality of Utrecht has developed a mobility plan which focuses on shared transport. … Read more

Donkey Republic shared bikes now bookable in gaiyo

Yet another great reason to download Gaiyo! With Gaiyo you can now book, open and pay for Donkey Republic’s shared bikes. Mobility as a service (MaaS) has been lifted to a higher level. If you want to use a Donkey Bike, you can easily arrange that within the transport app Gaiyo. The Donkey Republic’s bikes … Read more

The 11 biggest irritations in traffic

Nothing like cruising down the highway in your car. Music on, window open, just take it easy. That is, if you don’t have to deal with one of the many traffic hazards. Because then your driving pleasure can quickly be over. The 11 biggest irritations in traffic. Tailgating It is by far the greatest annoyance … Read more

Successful cooperation between Shell and Gaiyo


Gaiyo and Shell joined forces and organized a trial of Shell E-bikes. Until August 5, it was possible to park your car for free at two Shell stations in Utrecht and continue on a Shell E-bike. Participants were very enthusiastic about this concept and enjoyed using it. To thank participants extra for their participation, they could … Read more